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Part A (Hospital Insurance)

  • Coverage: Inpatient care in hospitals, home health, skilled nursing facility, hospice

Part B (Medical Insurance)

  • Coverage: Physician, outpatient hospital, home health, physical and occupational therapists, medically necessary services and preventative services, durable medical equipment

Part C (Medicare Advantage-MA)

  • Coverage: Extends to private care while including all of Parts A and Part B.
  • Costs broken down by plan
  • Fall Open Enrollment period (10/15- 12/07) allows for switch into or out of plan

Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage)

  • Coverage: Prescription drugs
  • Stand-alone plans (PDPs) and Medicare Advantage plans (MA-PD)

Applying for Medicare Benefits

  • Step 1: Choose option of coverage

Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) or Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C)

  • Step 2: Decide if need for drug coverage

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) or Medicare Advantage with Drug Plan (MA-PD)

  • Step 3: Decide if supplemental coverage is needed; not needed with Medicare Advantage Plan